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QuizList Interactive
with Lexiles®

Now you can use Accelerated Reader and Lexiles, together!

Book leveling is a hot topic these days. Many educational agencies have decided that the Lexile Framework® for Reading is the way to go. This causes some serious problems for schools using Accelerated Reader since AR does not include Lexiles as a leveling option. Since Scholastic Reading Counts! does include Lexiles, many schools are being forced to switch from AR to RC.

IntraData takes no position on which leveling system is better. Both systems, ATOS and Lexile Framework are extremely well researched and stand up to academic scrutiny. IntraData is about making things easier for school libraries and now you can protect the huge investment you have in AR by simply using QuizList Interactive with Lexiles. Students may search your AR list using their own Lexile range, and add subject criteria as well so they can find books they really interested in reading, in their Lexile range.

Take a look at an example school's QuizList database using Lexiles as the leveling option. Note that the option to switch back to AR Book Levels is a choice that the AR administrator can choose to allow or not allow. 

Click here to see AR and Lexiles together.

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